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Household Hazards

We all strive to have a home similar to our beloved cleaning commercials in which they show a glistening toilet,sink and/or tub. However, with a squeaky clean imagination comes lots of money wasted, damaged pipes and poor health. As mentioned in previous post the #1 drain cleaner you want to stay away from is Draino. However, here are a couple more household hazards you must stay away from:

  • Bleach: Bleach is used not only to disinfecting surfaces and laundry, but many also pour this liquid down the drain to resolve stubborn clogs. However, it is important to know that Bleach is a base (alkaline) with a PH above 12. If combined with acids neutralization occurred resulting in salt and water. The repercussion is an extremely corroded pipe. In addition in the chance that you have a septic tank, bleach may become problematic if it begins to kill bacteria which is needed for the tank to function properly.

  • Ajax/Comet Cleaner: The #1 chemical found in both of these items is formaldehyde. For those who are unaware this chemical is known as a carcinogen and is used to preserve deceased bodies. When using these products to clean your plumbing the residue sticks within the interior lining. The outcome is a thick white film coating the walls creating future clogs and piping being eaten away.

When it comes to plumbing and overall appearance of your home; we understand the importance of a spic and span kitchen or bathroom with clog free drains. However, it is best to create your own cleaning supplies to keep the integrity of your piping and health in tip top shape.

When a clog arises don’t worry contact Empire Water Main & Sewer at 718-715-4862. We will arrive at your earliest convenience.

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