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How Do Toilets Work On Airplanes?

For many taking an airplane is a scary endeavor and keeping the mind occupied is one of the best methods to alleviate some of your concerns. One question that may occupy your curiosity for a while is “How are the toilets working on my plane? “ Continue reading to put your mind at rest.

A typical toilet contains a bowl filled with water and when you flush, it begins a siphon that drains the bowl. All waste are carried into a sewer system or septic tank. However, vehicles in motion such as a train, plane bus or boat cannot have this normality due to turbulence. Instead, airplanes use a vacuum toilet. When waste is flushed in a vacuum toilet the line sucks all contents out of the bowl into a tank; which is located to the rear of the plane and cannot be accessed by pilots or during flight.The tank is emptied by specialized trucks once the plane is safely on the ground. Hopefully this post will give you some calm/informative reading material on your next flight.

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