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How Mario Became A Plumber

Are you a Nintendo/Super Mario Bros fan? Then you are definitely familiar with Mario!! But have you ever taken notice of his hat/clothes, and ponder how that occupation was chosen? Well our fellow plumbing/Nintendo readers you have chosen a great post!!

Mario’s profession of a plumber was determined by his creator in order to fit with the setting of the world he would be played in. Initially in Donkey Kong Mario was a carpenter named “Jump man” due to the type of construction site. However, Mario Bro’s creator immediately knew carpentry skills where not needed and it was best to give Mario the plumbing occupation. Due to the numerous amounts of pipes, and underground world that the game actually took place in. Overall, if you have traveled with Mario through the different worlds featured in Mario Bros. you can definitely tell the plumbing profession was a great decision. His ability to often go up and down pipes is greatly influenced by his plumbing skills. Although a great carpenter in Donkey Kong, and has taken on many professions along the years his role as a plumber in Mario Bros its what gave him worldwide success!

Hopefully, you have gain some insight in the world of Nintendo!! If any plumbing issues contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today, we may just we as good as Mario!!

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