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Hydro-Jetting For Property Owners

A question that many large property owners call and inquire about is, hydro jetting benefits and differences to snaking. When owning a large property such as an apartment/work building or business where you have several toilets, sinks, and showers with numerous amounts of residents or employees; you cannot control what is flushed or poured down these drains or toilets. This allows room for recurring clogs and hundreds of dollars down the drain due to frequent snakings or chemical cleaners on your line. The snake will typically break up any material that is causing a blockage and release the pressure to allow waste to continue passing through the line.

However, substances such as dirt,grease, oil,hair,toothpaste and food products are also materials that causes blockages, but coat the inner walls of your pipes. As time passes this coat begins to get thicker and thicker causing normal substances such as toilet paper to not pass through. However, this is were hydro jetting saves the day and your pocket. If you are familiar with power washing you then understand how hydro jetting works. It preserves the integrity of your commercial plumbing, but also removes all debris stated above and can sometimes eliminate odors as well.

Call Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862 today to schedule your hydro jetting!! Your pipes will thank you for it!!

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