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Indoor Winter Pipe Protection

Be sure to wear your warmest outfit today and get your winter gear on, because it’s going to be a cold and snowy day!! However, don’t get caught up in the holiday spirit of a Wintery wonderland! Keep in mind these frigid temps. also raise havoc on your pipes. Take a second and continue reading to find out how you can prep indoor your pipes this winter.

Indoor plumbing pipe prep:

-Keep your garage door closed if you have water supply lines in the garage

-Leave the temperature within your home at a minimum of 55°F

-Repair any broken windows/doors to help regulate temps. inside your home.

-Allow all of your indoor faucets to release water every once in a while to keep water moving through the pipes.

-Remove all your outdoor hoses from the spigot. Hoses can hold a lot of water therefore, freezing and expanding and causing damage to the spigot.

Begin your winter preparation today and stay tuned for our next post in which we will cover winter preparation for your outdoor pipes. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs!!

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