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Inspect Your Plumbing Prior To Buying A Home

Are you or anyone you know looking to purchase a new home? Well then you may know all the excitement yet anxiousness that comes along this process. Aside from budgeting the cost of the home, you must also take into consideration cost of plumbing issues. When visiting the home don’t just look at the size of the bedroom, yard, kitchen etc. Also take a look at all the fixtures and ask questions about them. The first important step is to video inspect your sewer line and other pipes within your home. The video inspection allows you to view any clogs, damage such as the rust or cracks that potentially cause you to replace the pipe or line.

Also, an unfortunate occurrence home owners encounter if they are buying an older home are tree roots growing within the sewer line. At this time you make need a snaking to clear any roots. Next, inspect your water meter, valves and water heater. Look for rust, cracks and leaks. Typically they only last about 10-15 years. So it is important to ask the previous owners when the last time these items were placed/replaced. In addition inspect small things such as flow and drainage of the shower, sink, tub and faucet. Make sure the water pressure works well and water drains away properly. Lastly, The most common sewer replacement is of a lead service which can no longer be used in NY to copper,and this process is extremely costly. As you can see there are many things to take into consideration when buying a home. Budget wisely for your home and plumbing emergencies!

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