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Is My Sewer Line Backing Up

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Here at Empire we handle all problems from small sink clogs to large sewer problems. However, a common question we receive from our customers who are experiencing a clog/stoppage is “How do I know if my clog is related to my sewer line?” Once you call notifying us of your plumbing issue, we then will ask a number of questions to help target the problem and provide the best service. For a possible sewer line issue the following questions will be asked, “Are you experiencing a back up on ground level?” This includes the basement, garage/laundry room) “Is the water that is flooding dirty or clean?” & lastly “Are there multiple fixtures backing up at the same time?”

Depending on the situation we will ask for further information, but again these are the 3 main questions that give away a sewer line back up. Now don’t be alarmed a sewer backup is extremely common. Things such as excessive toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, grease build up etc. can clog a line. In addition, things such as tree root intrusion, corrosion of the pipe or a broken/collapsed line can also can occur. But don’t worry we have over 25 years of experience and we are able to handle any sewer line issue!!

Give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call 718-715-4862l! We will be happy to answer any questions and send our technicians at your earliest convenience!!

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