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It’s Pumpkin Time

If you are as excited about Halloween/fall as we are you maybe arranging a day at the pumpkin patch. Everyone loves a great homemade pumpkin pie or better yet a spooky carved pumpkin in your front porch. However, as we all know pumpkin seeds or pulp can severely clog your drain lines or even damage your garbage disposal. In this case we have provided 2 neat alternatives to throwing away the pumpkin parts.

1)Tasty Pumpkin Seeds When you are watching your spooky Halloween movies, wouldn’t a yummy bowl of baked pumpkin seeds be nice? Use the left over seeds from your carving fun into a fall tasty snack.

2)Pumpkin Pot If you are not into the spooky decor feel however, want to add a great fall touch add in your fall flowers. Yup, that’s right you can use your carved pumpkin as a flower pot. Place the plant and soil in the pumpkin as normal and watch it flourish with natural pumpkin fertilizer.

If you have any fun ideas for the use of excess pumpkin or leave a comment below we would love to see! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs!!

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