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Keep The Bacon On Your Plate & Not In Your Plumbing

Are you a bacon lover? Then you understand the feeling of waking up on a Saturday and smelling the aroma of bacon linger into your room. Or the sound of bacon sizzling on the pan!! YUMMY!! But the question is, do you pour the remaining grease down the drain? Bacon grease is one of the worst substances to be poured down the drain and these are the reasons why!:

Hardens: As soon as grease hits cool temperatures it hardens.Therefore, when you pour bacon grease into the sink it will solidify in your pipes and block water flow.

Stickiness: Since is poured as liquid into the drain it ends up coating the interior wall of the pipe and leaving a sticky yet solid residue. As you begin to throw other substances down the drain it will get caught onto the grease. The result is a large odorous backup.

Accumulation: Weekly or even daily pouring of bacon grease will continue to accumulate and harden. Overtime, it does breakdown, however, when the fats/glycerin breakdown it eventually combines with calcium in the sewer. The result is a soap like solid that is thick, solid, sticky and extremely difficult to remove.

Keep this alarming information in your back pocket the next time it’s bacon breakfast time!! And if a stubborn clog arises don’t get stressed! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer and you’ll be impressed!!

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