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Keep The Mold Away!!

It’s time to show your holiday guests an immaculate home, especially bathroom. Empire would like to give you a few tips and tricks on how to prevent and remove mold found within your bathroom. Mold can be caused from leaky plumbing fixtures and pipes, excessive moisture due to lack of proper bathroom ventilation and constant abandoned damp towels, wash cloths, rugs, wall paper, curtains etc.

Preventing bathroom mold is pretty simple unless you have a leaky fixture in which you may need to contact a plumber. On the other hand make sure before every bath/shower to turn on the ventilation fan. Get one installed if your bathroom does not already include it. Leaving your bathroom door cracked open a smidge especially with the steam of a shower allows moisture to escape. Avoid keeping your hygiene products in the shower since mold tends to grow beneath them. After every shower hang towels, wash cloths, rugs etc. to dry.

Lastly, purchase a mildew-resistant shower curtain. To remove your bathroom mold check all the caulking. When you identify any type of growth completely remove that section and restore it with new caulking. In the case that it is a very small area, you can clean it with a toothbrush, bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Remember to wear a face-mask and keep all windows open during this process to help dry and moisture, provide the bathroom with fresh air and most importantly for health precaution. Area’s with large amounts of mold should be handled by a professional ONLY!! If you are experiencing any leaks or need new plumbing fixtures contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718) 715-4862!!!

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