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Keep The Plumbing Pests Away!!

Plumbing leaks can cause lots of mess, hassle and tons of money. In addition, what many property owners may not know is that just a small amount of water may attract lots of unwanted house guests. And we don’t mean a strange cousin or friend. Similar to us, insects and rodents need water to survive but, only in small amounts. Areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements etc. are prone to water leakage and host colonies of pests. If you happen to stumble upon a few insects it may not necessarily mean you have a plumbing leak, but it does help to do a bit of investigation. Observe which areas you tend to see rodents/insects most often .It is always possible you have a leak within the walls ,but most often leaks occur in the places that are accessible.

The most common place you will find these pests are in the kitchen. Check under the fridge for puddles of water since this is the perfect hangout for roaches. If you happen to have an automatic ice maker check the water line leading to the freezer. They tend to have a pinhole size leak that can produce enough water for an entire colony of insects to invade the pipe. It is vital to examine sinks, cabinets, garbage disposals and sink traps especially the U shaped pipe since it is where most insects hide. After all the investigation is done and you happen to come across a leak immediately contact a plumber. The longer you wait the more invested the home will become and it will be harder to get rid of any pest. Even with placing traps those pests will get captured ,but if leak persists it just attract more causing infestation. Take some time and investigate your home today!Don’t let those pests get in the way! If you spot a leak call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4862!!!

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