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Keep The Roots Away

If you know a thing or two about sewers or are an avid reader of our informational posts; then you are fully aware that one of the most common sewer issues is tree root intrusion. With April beginning next week and beautiful weather approaching not only will gorgeous flowers begin to grow, but also tree roots. Like any other plant, tree roots are attracted to nutrients, oxygen and water. Therefore, sewer pipes that are in disrepair are the perfect homes for the tree roots, and if not controlled infiltration can create further damage and create complete failure of your property and sewer system. However, here at Empire we wanted to inform you of a few ways you can keep these stubborn roots away from your sewer line:

1) Landscaping: We all love a green filled home, but it is important to keep in mind of where your sewer is located and plant at least 10 feet away from this area. In addition, try to choose slow growing varieties to prevent massive tree root intrusion.

2) Maintenance Cleaning: Having a sewer line maintenance cleaning on a yearly basis even if no problems have arisen is vital to keeping your sewer line in tip top shape. Our technicians will advise you of any leaks, cracks,or other unusual findings, and preventative measures.

3) Don’t Procrastinate: If you assume your line may have been invaded with tree roots or a technician has made you aware of his tree root findings. Don’t wait until the issue gets worse to then repair/replace your sewer line. You may believe it is saving you money. However, as we all know with an item that only has a few cracks later turn in to hundreds. The result is consistent sewer backups and a more expensive repair since more damage has been created. Moreover, tree roots found within a sewer line is very common and sometimes costly.

If a sewer issue arises immediately contact Empire Water Main & Sewer. This is something that our technicians encounter on a weekly basis and are fully equipped to handle. Call today 24/7/365 (718) 715-4862!!

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