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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

These pictures are showing a wet connection. It is utilized to connect a homeowners water line to the city water main. In most cases a wet connection is installed if the previous one is broken, installation of a new water line to a new building or problems with water pressure. If the water line is greater than 2 inches this is when the connection is installed by drilling a hole in the city main where the wet connection will be installed. DEP supplies and installs the wet connection however a licensed water main and sewer contractor is utilized in these type of jobs.

They would obtain permits with DEP for installation/beginning work dates and contact DOT for roadway openings to access the water main. Once all information is obtained the plumber may now excavate and access the issue. In many cases special approval from DEP is required if utilities are in the way of installation. Drawings displaying the utilities are therefore required to allow the connection to be inserted on an angle.This type of work may sound tedious/challenging however, Empire has a great deal of experience in this type of work.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862 for all your plumbing needs!!

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