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Lets Bust The Water Rust

For many people tap water is the main source for drinking water. It is important that your water comes out clean,clear and odorless. Most of the time the culprit is rust within your home or public water supply. Rusty water will have a distinctive metallic odor and a reddish brown appearance often times the rust particles are oxidate iron. In this case the rusty water will leave stains in sinks and white linen. You may question if the rusty water is actually coming from your home or public supply. To figure this out go to the fixture where you first saw rusty water and fill up a glass with cold water only. Check the glass for any odor or discoloration. Allow the cold water to flow for several seconds before beginning another sample. Next allow hot water to run for several seconds and sample it twice as well. If you find rusty water is present on the hot water supply or goes away after several seconds of running water then the source of rust may be in your home.

However, if rusty water is present when running both hot and cold water, the rust is coming from a public water supply. In addition using the D I Y test above could further indicate exactly where the rust is coming from in your home. If rusty water came from the cold water tap it shows a corroded pipe or pipes in your home plumbing system. In the case rust is only present when hot water is running your water heater may be rusting out. It is important to take care of any rusty water immediately. Not only can it damage your plumbing pipes, but also become harmful to your health.

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