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Love Your Plumbing By The End Of February

Can you believe it!? The month of romance is over in just a few days!! However, don’t let that ruin the love in the air. Continue by taking these simple steps below to fall back in love with your bathroom especially since you are there at least 7hours a week.

1) Bathroom Upgrade: Now you don’t have to do a whole renovation, just a little face lift. Things such as replacement of outdated cabinet handles and shower heads. Even changing out towels, shower curtains

2) Greenery: Either fake or real plants in the bathroom truly give the space a spa like atmosphere and who doesn’t want that after a long day of work! 3) Declutter: Nothing is worse then having to rush and you can’t find your hair brush, deodorant, hair spray etc. This can automatically put a damper on you it entire day. Take some time to deeply clean your bathroom get rid of old/expired product and create an organizational system. Now that you have added your favorite items and revamped the bathroom be sure to keep a look out for any plumbing abnormalities. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs today!! (718)715-4862/

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