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Oh Boy, What A Basement Backup!

When rainy days like today occur the most common customer call is “my sewer is backing up and now my basement is beginning to flood!!” Luckily for those customers we are able to send out an emergency technician to resolve this issue immediately and at NO EXTRA CHARGE!! However, for those not located within the five boroughs, we still wanted to reach out and provide some insight on the reasoning for basement floods on rainy days.


1) Sewer clog: items lodged within the passage way of waste water from your home to city sewer line will cause water to backup and overflow onto the floor.

2) Debris = smaller diameter: often there may not be an item stuck inside the line. However, overtime buildup, such as grease, dirt, debris begin to coat the inner lining of your sewer. After months or even years of buildup which again coats the line with inches of gunk. Your 6” sewer line has now reduced to a diameter of 5,4,3,2 or even 1". Therefore , when heavy rain water occurs in the mix of you using your plumbing fixtures such as toilet, shower, sinks the large amount of water can not all pass through, this is when feet of water floods occur.

3) Sewer line damage: sewer lines that are cracked, broken, or collapsed due to old age or tree root infiltration will stop the flow of wastewater.

Hopefully, this gave you some insight on what may occur on rainy days. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for a glimpse on what’s going on in your line before a rainstorm or get your emergency service today!!

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