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Oh Crap, I’m Going To Jail

We have all heard of serial killers but how about a serial clogger!?! Continue reading to find out what this employee did to receive 150 days in jail.

35 year old Patrick Beeman an Employee at Deland Community Center has been charged with 5 misdemeanors on accounts of criminal damage to the property. He is sentenced to 30 days in jail for each count. Over the course of 3 years of employment at the community center, Patrick has caused approximately $2000 in damages, specifically in the women’s restroom. At least 12 clogging incidents have been determined, 1 in which officers have found a plastic bottle lodged into a women’s toilet. According,to Fox 6 news Patrick explained that he would get “urges” to find objects to clog toilets.

Keep your eye out for serial cloggers near you and contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 24/7 if an incident occurs!!

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