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Oh My, Gutter Obstruction!

Take a look at a severely clogged residential gutter located in Brooklyn. Due to unkempt gutter maintenance cleanings this customer was left with months of debris lodged within his line. It is recommended to clean your gutter on a quarterly basis to ensure 100% functionality. Fall is right around the corner and it’s prime time for clogs.

Here are 6 signs you need to Contact Empire today for your cleanings:

1) You see nest, birds/pests near or on your roof.

2) Sagging Gutter

3) Stains located on the side of your home

4) Water spilling over the sides of your gutter

5) Plant growth near your gutter line

6) You can’t remember the last time you cleaned the line.

Don’t procrastinate contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 24/7 to schedule your maintenance appointment !!

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