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Oh No,There’s An Odor?

Your family will be arriving for the holidays sooner than you think! Although we love and care about them deeply, they are also our biggest critics. Unfortunately as soon as they enter your home the first comments may be targeted toward your holiday decor and odor. We have already knocked out a few decor post, but today we are going to tackle how to get rid of the sneaky bathroom odors.

Odor removal -Bathroom ventilation: every bathroom should contain a small exhaust fan to help circulate air flow. Make sure it used when showering to prevent steam from creating smelly mildew and mold growth.

-Air fresheners: in a quick fix air fresheners would work great in masking most funky odors

-Desiccants: for odor/moisture absorption try using desiccants. There is the silicone gel form or you can go the natural route and use plants. A great one would be a fern!

Bathroom Cleaning (Don’t these steps) -clean the toilet tank -watch out for mold

-close the lid before flushing -regularly empty out trash bins -wash bathroom towels,mats, curtains regularly

Keep these helpful hints in mind before Thanksgiving comes rolling in next week. And remember if any plumbing issues arise contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 24/7 we are open on holidays too!

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