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Old Home Ordeals

Many enjoy the look of an older home, especially since it can provide lots of history,charm and character. However, these types of houses conceal many issues behind their gorgeous moldings and vintage feel. Some may be minor repairs while others can cause significant damage. Here are a few plumbing features homeowners or potential buyers may come across homes that are decades old.

1) Outdated piping: If the home is built before 1990 and no renovations have been made there is the possibility the pipes are made with material that is no longer safe or approved by building codes. Ex:lead, galvanized lines, or polybutylene lines

2) Sewer failure/Bellied pipes: sewer lines are heavily used and those that were installed in older homes were not prepared for modern appliances such as dishwashers, garbage disposals and toilets that force down more water, therefore are more susceptible to failure. In addition, since these pipes are buried underground they can be affected by the movement/shifting of nature. If the pipes shift downward the result is a “U” shaped or bellied line causing stoppages,leaks/breaks.

3) Outdated fixtures: while you may want to keep the vintage appearance of the home alive it is important to take into consideration the consequence of wear and tear. You may find yourself in an expensive home repair if corrosion, leaks, broken knobs or restricted flow of water occur.

Keep your old home in modern condition. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today 718-715-4862 for a video inspection to check the integrity of your lines or plumbing fix.

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