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Outdoor Faucet Winter Pipe Protection

Have you began preparing for the holiday season? How about plumbing preparation? During the holidays your plumbing pipes can tend to take the back seat. However, with the temperatures going down hill from here, procrastination will create plumbing problems. But, have no fear today we will be covering outdoor faucet preparation. Be sure to pay close attention to the steps that follow. In the event this pipe freezes it may cause a pipe to burst within your home causing hundreds of gallons of water to flood into your home not to mention structural damage.

1. Locate all of your exterior faucets including pool lines, sprinklers and of course hose bibbs.

2. Locate the shut off valve to each faucet(usually found near main line)and turn to the off position

3. Once all faucets are completely shut off,return to all faucets and open them to allow excess water to drain out.

4. Now return to shutoff valve and remove the bleeder cap to drain the remaining water out of the pipe and into a bucket.

5. Replace bleeder cap and turn outdoor faucet back off.

Follow these careful steps today and protect your home for the holidays!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs!!

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