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Party Plumbing Nightmare!

Now that June is coming to an end it’s time to party!!! Graduations, grad party’s, summer get together's, especially 4th of July are around the corner. However, one of the most horrifying moments is using the bathroom, and the toilet clogs, or even worse it clogs, then overflows!! Now you have the other guests knocking on the door and your panicking!! Stay calm and keep reading!

Step1: Stop the water flow This is a vital step! The #1 thing is to avoid overflowing water!! Moreover, in the unfortunate case that overflow does occur:

-Locate the water valve behind the toilet and turn it to the right. -If the valve does not work, stop continuously flushing the toilet! Stop the water flow by removing the toilet tank lid and close the flapper. -The flapper is the circular drain stopper attached to a chain. Closing it completely will eliminate more entry of water into the bowl.

Step2: Plunger Time Once the overflow is completely stopped it’s time to plunge:

-Make sure the plunger completely covers the hole (*Keep at least 2-3 cups of water in the bowl to allow better suction*)

-Alternate between steady strokes and big heaves,it may take about 20-30 try’s to unclog toilet

Step 3: Flushing/Cleanup

You may now attempt to check the toilet for drainage. If the clog is still persistent continue to plunge. If the bowl has drained it’s time to clean up the evidence! Turn the shut off valve back on,wipe up any residue, and check for cleaning products.

CONGRATS!! You have saved yourself from the toilet mess embarrassment; and if you weren’t successful that’s OK too!! That’s what Empire's 24/7 Emergency service is for!!

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