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Passing Through Some Plumbing History

Imagine not having access to proper waste removal or clean water? With the creation of one of the most important inventions, we have this everyday luxury. Continue reading to learn some brief history of how plumbing came about.

~4000-3000B.C: Archaeologists discovered the the first water pipes in India along the Indus River. The ruler during this period was Menes, who also supported his civilization by creating ditches, basins and canals.

~2500 B.C: Egyptians developed copper lines utilized in building bathrooms with irrigation’s/sewage systems inside the pyramids; especially with the tombs as it was essential for the afterlife.

~1500-1000B.C: Under the reign of King Minos, underground sewage disposals and drainage systems were created. In addition a wooden seated toilet with the 1st flushing mechanism was developed.

~500B.C-455 A.D: Roman Empire designed a complex plumbing system with aqueducts, underground sewers, public baths, marble fixtures and lead piping systems. Around 52A.D Rome placed approximately 220 miles of aqueducts, pipes and water channels used to supply baths,homes and public wells. The channels were powered by gravity and Carried 300 gallons of fresh water for Rome’s citizens.

~1644 A.D: King Louis XIV of France ordered the construction of a cast iron main plumbing line,which carried 15 miles of water.

~1775 A.D: The prototype for the most modern toilet was developed by Inventor Alexander Cummings. The prototype included a s trap that allowed water to stay in the bowl and no longer left the sewage smell and an easy cleaning bowl.

~1810A.D: English shower was introduced. The water is plumber through a nozzle and sprayed at shoulder level.

~1910 A.D: The elevated water tank became the most contemporary closed toilet water tank and bowl that most people have today.

~1986 A.D: The first sensor flushing toilet was introduced in Japan

As you can see we have made extensive plumbing strives and for this reason it has played a vital role in our daily lives. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer when any plumbing issue arises.

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