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Planting Awareness

Since spring has finally brought its persistent high temperatures and days full of sun you, may be wanting to give the outside of your home some color and spring style with a few botanical elements. However, some homeowners can get carried away and forget to consider the damage some plants may to create their sewer system. Continue reading to learn how to protect your home and sewer before planting this Spring.

Sewer Layout: your sewer is connected to the main sewer pipe that runs from your home through your property to the sewer main. If blockages occur it can stop/slow flow from a few to all plumbing fixtures in your home; and unfortunately the #1 cause of sewer line problems is as a result of tree root invasion. Your sewer line is filled with water and nutrients that are great for fertilizing roots which attract them toward the area. In the event that your sewer line begins to crack/separate roots quickly enter in and make themselves at home.

Avoidance: The first step is locating where the sewer line runs through your property. The most common way homeowners gain this knowledge is through survey documents that may have been provided when the home was purchased, contacting your cities public work department to provide a copy, or video camera inspection.

Prevention: Once you have determined where your sewer is located, do not plant any trees or shrubs less than 30ft from the sewer. Also try to pick a tree/shrub that aids in protecting the sewer; specifically a tree with deeper ground root system, rather than a shallow wide spread root system. Typically fig trees, rubber trees, poplars and willows are considered the most troublesome species.

Don’t let tree roots get you down contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for your sewer and drain services. Tree root invasion is something that our technicians encounter on a weekly basis and have all ground cover when it comes to resolutions. Give us a call 24/7/365!!

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