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Plumbing Biofilm

Have you ever seen the slimy ring around the end of your faucet or the ooze that comes up when you remove a hair ball from the shower drain? Well that my friends is bio film. Biofilm is the sticky substance that appears on your plumbing fixtures and moist areas in your home. It is a group of one or more species of bacteria and their waste. Biofilm typically has a strong/disgusting look, smell and feel. In addition, it can be hazardous to your health. Biofilm is not located only on your plumbing fixtures. It can be found on counter tops, cutting boards, dish towels or any area that is not disinfected/dried properly. It is important to keep extra great hygiene in the kitchen. Since you are handling raw fish, meat especially chicken, bacteria can disperse, grow and prosper on your fixtures.

In some cases researchers have found that overtime biofilm can become large enough to detach and get into food and or dishes. The most efficient way to get rid of biofilm is to clean it manually with a damp cloth and disinfecting cleaning solutions. When in the kitchen make sure to disinfect all surfaces and tools before and after every use. Lastly make sure if you have a clogged drain to disinfect any surface areas that may have come in contact during plunging, snaking or hydro jetting. Clogs belch up water and bacteria that was deep within your pipes so you want to tend to those areas quickly and efficiently. Call Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862 today!!!

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