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Plumbing Misconceptions

Ever encounter a post on your social media feed that didn’t seem factual or a friend/family member informed you on a topic you didn’t know much about. Typically we all shrug our shoulders and accept it as truth. However, when it comes to the area of plumbing there are many misconceptions and not knowing the truth can cost some aggravation,time and money. Continue reading to debunk a few common myths/misconceptions.

1. Who needs a plumbing maintenance: if you are a believer in the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” then this misconception is for you!! Although you may not experience a clog within one of your fixtures very often, it is important to keep up a yearly maintenance! Paying for a cleaning/plumbing inspection once a year is much more cheaper than waiting for an uh oh and encounter a larger issue such as replacing/repair which can be extremely expensive.

2. It’s just a leaky faucet: for many the sound of a consistent dripping faucet is not a concern/nuisance. However it is something that may be alarming to your wallet. A leaky faucet can waste up to ten thousand gallons a year!! Resulting in lots of your money also down the drain!! Don’t procrastinate and have a plumber take a look!!

3. I must replace my pipe: many un- reputable companies will try to sell you an entire pipe repair when only a simple repair is needed just to profit. However, with that being stated there are definitely instances where a pipe can simply just be fixed. You must do your research and find companies with great ratings,reviews and recommendations! This insures that your plumbing is taken care of properly and you save money from further repair cost. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer when any plumbing issues or questions arise we will never steer you wrong and arrive at your earliest convenience (718)715-4862.

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