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Plumbing Perfection After The Holiday Madness

WOW!! Can you believe it? We have made it half way through January! Which also hopefully means you have gotten your home back in order from the holiday madness. If not no worries, here is a simple yet effective list to get your holiday cleanup started.

1) Visual Inspections Give your home a thorough walk through and check for new leaks, cracks, or even stains that weren’t there prior to the holidays.

2) Garbage Disposal Although you told your guest the rights and wrongs of the garbage disposal, doesn’t mean everyone followed directions. Be sure to unplug the disposal and with a thong and flashlight pull out substances that don’t belong. Then, clean the disposal using cubes.

3) Drain cleanings Having a plumber stop by and access your drain and give them a good maintenance clean will ensure your pipes won’t give you any new 2020 backups.

Start your cleaning today and give your plumbing a 2020 clean. In the event of a plumbing emergency contact Empire Water Main & Sewer!

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