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Plumbing Photos

If you are looking to repair or install any new plumbing/pipes that are behind wall, you understand how costly, time consuming and overall aggravating this process is. Figuring out the plumbing configuration is a major challenge. However, a simple photo can help next time you plan to renovate/build your home. Typically, when first buying property or upgrading your home your camera roll is flooded with pictures of brand new fixtures you want to install or ideas on interior decorating. However, if there happens to be open wall displaying pipes they are usually nowhere to be found and it is vital for current and future projects especially since plumbing is a rigid system. Now it is feasible to install new plumbing installations anywhere.

However, it is less of a headache to consider the layout you currently have and make connections to existing pipes/stacks without the hassle of running new infrastructure around corners and across floors/ceilings. In addition, having pictures can be compared to blueprints. It shows exactly where to connect pipes, plan the most strategic place to install new fixtures, see the house framing, wiring, HVAC ducts and obstacles. Most importantly, the pictures allow you to view adjustments or last minute changes that were made to your home and are not in your blueprints. All in all with a photo everything is displayed right in front of you the same way it appeared prior to being sealed up. Plumbing is a crucial part of your home and if it is installed or performed improperly it may cause big problems later on. Call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718) 715-4862!! We would be happy to help repair or install any pipes!

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