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Plumbing Tips For An Amazing 2019-2020 Back To School Year

Can you believe it, we are already halfway into September!! Hopefully you and your children have finally gotten into the back to school groove and are excited for the year to come. Empire wants to wish our students an amazing school year and provide our outstanding parents with a few tips to continue the school year without any plumbing mishaps.

Tip#1: Shower Dilemma

With showers of 20 min. or longer, you are bound to have some waiting time before the hot water supply replenishes. We typically advise our customers to wait at least 15-20 min. between each persons shower.

Fun Fact 1: 30% of the average home energy is the use of the water heater.

Fun Fact 2: Majority of water heaters only last about 12 years.

Tip#2: Bathroom Safety Be sure that water heater is set no higher than 120°F, in order to prevent anyone from getting burnt. The most common bathroom injury are slippery falls. Be sure a rubber mat is placed inside.

Tip#3: Sink/Garage With tons of after school snacks, lunches, and dinners your sink and garbage disposals are really getting put to work. However, keep a close eye on the foods that may be going down the drain/disposal.

Tip#4: Laundry

Similar to drains which can get clogged with the debris, so can your laundry machine hose take a look.

Fun fact: 90% of the cost of washing clothes come from heating the water; be sure to use hot water for dirty clothes only and cold water in the rinse cycle.

Don’t let plumbing give you back to school funk. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your plumbing needs.

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