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Plumbing Tips For Selling Your Home

If you are a regular reader of our informational post you may have across a few helpful hints/tricks targeting home buyers. However, in the case that you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are trying to sell your home here a few plumbing tips to impress those potential buyers.

Aesthetics: you may giving your home a good dusting/sweeping/mopping. However, many buyers also take a detailed look at the cleanliness of plumbing fixtures such as faucets,dishwashers, and toilets. Make sure to pay close attention to any stains, dirt and grim that built up over time.

Pressure: some buyers may take a stroll into the bathroom or kitchen and turn on the faucets, tub and shower taking note of water pressure. Now this may not be a factor in buying your home. But making the necessary adjustments to give your home a strong stream of water will definitely impress potential buyers.

Smells: If you have lived in your home for many years sometimes your sense of smell can become accustomed to strange plumbing odors that may not be caused by you. Have a friend stop by, roam around and point out any odors such as sewage and must. These are signs that there is something wrong with your plumbing and can be creating damage to your home/health.

Replacement: often times the easiest way to fix a plumbing issue is to replace the problematic fixture. You may believe it will cost you more money, but in the long run you are likely to gain back the cost of repairs in the sale price. Keep this in consideration as well when it comes to aesthetic fixes as well.

Keep these helpful hints in mind when selling your home and contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for any plumbing needs. We service 24/7 and can help you seal the deal!!

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