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Plumbing Tips To Keep Earth At Its Best

In honor of celebrating Earth Day Empire would like to give our customers a few eco-friendly tips when it comes to the plumbing within your home. Continue reading to keep your home and Earth at its best.

Fixtures: Americans typically use 80-100 gallons of water each day which is very excessive. However, by changing out your old fixtures to water conserving low flow models you can save a great number of gallons. In addition, simple habits such as turning off the water while brushing your teeth, taking less time to shower, wash dishes etc. are great ways to reduce water usage.

Leaks: 10% of homes in America have a leak somewhere in their home and can this easily result in millions-trillions of gallons wasted each year. It is important to take notice of your water bill month to month and check for changes. If you notice an extremely high water bill it is a sign you have a leak somewhere in your home. In addition, if there is a minor leak in your home such as a dripping faucet don’t procrastinate on getting it fixed. Get the leak taken care of immediately saving yourself and the Earth some water.

Water Heater: According, to the Department of Energy when your water heater is set at 120° or less it can reduce over $60 a year on your utility bill. Lastly, if you are planning a vacation it may be a good idea on the day of departure to turn off your water heater while you are away to conserve energy.

Keep these helpful tips in mind to help the Earth and your home.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer when any leaks or unexpected plumbing issues arise. We have you covered 24/7!

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