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Plunge The Sink!?

When a sink clog occurs what are the first solutions that come to mind? Pour hot water down the drain, use a hanger to retrieve the blockage,or maybe use Draino. However, have you ever thought of using a plunger. Contrary, to what most think a plunger is not just for the toilet, but also a great option for your sink. Continue reading to find out the next steps.

Step1: Choose the best fit. Plungers are not one size fits all and for sinks the best kind of plunger is the classic flat on the bottom plunger. This is the perfect one since sinks are typically flat, and the seal will be tight and allow for a perfect plunge.

Step2: Proper use. Once a tight seal has been created,gently compress and use force to pull back. This allows the item that is clogging the drain to go up and out, rather than get wedged in further.

Now the plunging trick is a great quick fix. However, if it seems to be too large of a blockage then you may have to leave it to the professionals. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your plumbing needs.

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