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Potty Training Plumbing Tips

It may feel like your baby was just born yesterday and within a blink of an eye he/she is now walking!! They are now “big kids” and you must prep yourself for days without diapers it’s potty training time!! Below we have provided some helpful plumbing tips to our fellow parents through this exciting yet frustrating endeavor.

1) Amount of toilet paper: It is important to show your child early on how much toilet paper is needed. This will avoid future clogs and wastefulness.

2) Avoid flushing wipes: Your child is accustomed to only using wipes, I mean who can blame them they feel great on the tush. But,stress to your child that wipes are meant for the trash not the toilet.

3) A toilet is not a mini ocean: When it’s time for bath time every child is a pirate or sailors man/woman and they are sailing the seas with their toys. Don’t let their imagination drift off to the toilet. The toilet is ONLY for potty time not play time.

4) Bathroom Safety: A normal sized toilet is to large for a small child. Please invest in a child friendly seat. Also, consider taking safety a step further and installing little steps to assist your child in reaching the sink.

Enjoy your potty time with the tips above. Sooner than you know it will be time for pre-school. If any plumbing issues arise give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call today!!

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