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Pre-Vacation Plumbing Tips

Everyone grab your suitcase and your plane ticket, IT’S TIME TO VACAY!! But Wait!!!! Nothing can be worse then going home from a relaxing summer vacation and walking into your home which is in a state of disaster. Before heading out of town make sure to follow these pre-vacation tips to ensure you come back to a problem-free home.

1) Is your sump pump working? Your sump pump is vital if your basement/crawlspace is prone to flooding. If it is not functioning properly this can lead to some large problems. Read our blog “Sump Pump Replacement” to pick up a few sump pump issues you may be able to identify, and get the issues resolved immediately.

2) Shut off your main shut off valve: If you are going away for a few weeks you may want to consider shutting off the water to your home. This may save you money, and prevent any Leaks to turn to flood.

3) Kitchen odor prevention: If you have a garbage disposal make sure to drop a few ice cubes and run cold water to eliminate any food particles that may have rotten.

4) Inspect all plumbing appliances/pipes: Give your plumbing a good inspection 1-2 weeks prior to your vacay If a leak/break/abnormality is found this time frame will allow a plumber to get the issue resolved.

5) Emergency Contact: If you are having a family member, friend or even neighbor stop by your home on occasion while you are away; be sure to provide them with all necessary emergency contact,especially your trusted plumber “Empire”

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for any plumbing issue, no need to wait days or weeks for service we provide 24/7 assistance.

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