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Prevent A Digging Disaster!

Now that your little ones have began school or about to begin; you may be taking a look around the home inside and out realizing the monstrous state. You may have to replant a few trees/bushes that Billy and John crashed their bikes into or maybe even have to re-dig and replace a mailbox. Overall you may just want to cleanup the yard and add some seasonal greenery to keep your landscape feeling fresh.However, when digging around your yard be sure to keep in mind where the utility lines are located. Below we have provided a few tips to keep in mind in order to prevent a digging disaster.

How deep are the lines buried?

-1ft or less deep= cable, or telephone lines in conduit -2ft deep= electricity, sewage, telephone lines not in conduit -3ft deep= more electrical lines, water pipes, sewage lines -Any depth= gas lines (do not have a standardized gas line depth)

Where’s the location?

Some property owners are lucky and are able to obtain a layout of the properties utility lines. However, most will have to contact (811) and check out the site “Before you dig” they will send out locators to mark the appropriate location with paint and flags.

Remember precaution is key!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer if you find any abnormal leaks along the way it may be related to a sewer or water main break. Give us a call 24/7 (718)715-4862.

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