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Prevent Gutter Mess

Temperatures are now in the high 60’s reaching 70 which means Jean jacket weather, walks on the park, days full of sun and lots of birds out and chirping. Sounds like an awesome spring!! However, don’t get fooled! Lots of spring birds means many nest, which are most commonly found in your gutter. This situation can be frustrating especially since gutter cleaning is already tedious. Continue reading to find out a few ways to keep your gutters bird free!:

1)Gutter Guard: gutter guards are plastic covers that protect the opening of the gutter and still allow rain water to roll off the roof and into the gutters. However, the great thing is that all other items such as leaves,twigs, sticks debris, and birds are prevented from entering the gutter.

2)Gutter Screens: similar to gutter guards, gutter screens allow rainwater and prevent debris from entry. But on the other hand, you can make these on your own using galvanized steel and wires to attach the screens to the gutter.

3)Fright Inducers:If you want to save some money or aren’t DIY savy,but still want a way to prevent birds in your gutter invest in small fright inducers. Do some research and figure out things that frighten the birds on your property in particular. For example, items such as an owl statue, rubber snake, motion sensored spiders etc. are common bird fright inducers.

Keep these helpful hints in mind to protect your plumbing, and in the event of a plumbing emergency contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for 24/7 service.

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