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Proper Plunger Technique

One of the most utilized/popular tools in your bathroom is a plunger. In cases of an emergency stoppage or overflow they are a life saver. However, sometimes the stoppage is too big or there is too much water flowing out of the toilet bowl. This is when you would need an emergency plumbing service like Empire. In the case that you are able to handle the problem with a plunger here are a few tips & tricks for stoppage success.

1) Choosing the right plunger: plungers come in a variety of sizes due to different drain types and diameters. You want to choose a plunger with a cup diameter that is slightly larger than the drain. There are 2 types of plungers, the standard and flange. The standard has a cup that looks like a half-sphere, whereas the flange has an extension that is more effective for plunging toilets.

2) Water: the level of water is vital when plunging.Too much water will cause a large mess/splashing when attempting to plunge. If there is not enough water you would not be able to get a proper seal around the drain. Best rule of thumb it to make sure the water is deep enough to fully cover the cup of the plunger. You may remove some water with a cup if need be.

3) Perfect Seal: In order to release the stoppage successfully it is important to seal properly and apply pressure. The trick is to smear a small amount of petroleum jelly on the rim of the plunger or flange. You want to make sure that contact is being made all the way around the drain and handle is pointed straight up. Then begin to plunge for 30 seconds.

If after a few rounds of plunging the stoppage is not releasing call Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862. We will resolve the issue with an electric snake or hydro jetting. We service 24/7!

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