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Protected Street

When it comes to repairing or installing water/sewer mains Empire completes all work from to start to finish. This includes all paperwork, permitting, materials,excavation, open/closing of roadway or sidewalk which can require back fill, asphalt/concrete etc. With this being stated one important factor that we must take into consideration is if the roadway you live on is protected or not. When the roadway has bee resurfaced or paved within the last 5 years New York City considers it a “protected street”.

Since this type of roadway is under DOT ( Department Of Transportation) 5 year guarantee period, the process of completing restoration/ back fill requires the licensed contractor to follow specific protocol to protect the integrity of the roadway. Requirements include obtaining a specific DOT permit, proctor compaction test, which identifies the density and moisture levels of the dirt that will be used to back fill the hole. It is then required to wait 48hours after compaction to then proceed with concrete/asphalt. Lastly, a saw cut must be completed on the perimeter of the hole in preparation of restoration and asphalt. This may seem like an extensive process, but have no fear as stated previously we have highly skilled and licensed technicians with more than 25 years of experience.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718) 715-4862 to take your “main” stress away!! We provide free estimates and weekends are no charge!!

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