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Root Alert

Majority of the time when our customers call regarding a clogged line they sometimes try to inform us of what they believe may be the cause of the problem. Items such as excess toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, possibly small toys are the most common. And yes these are definitely items that may causing your line to clog. However, another clogging culprit is tree roots.

Yesterday while snaking a sewer line, our technician came across tree roots. We explained to our customer that that sighting was common especially in older homes where the plumbing has not been restored in decades. Roots are attracted to water vapor and if the pipes have began cracking or have large holes; roots will begin to penetrate the line and feed off water. The result is a sewer line/ pipe infested with roots, grease, paper and solid matter or in some cases an entire replacement of the line. Luckily we were able to help our customer remove the tree roots using an electrically powered snake.

If you are ever experiencing a clog contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718) 715-4862. We will not only service you at your earliest convenience, but also give you a detailed explanation of our findings and any preventative measures.

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