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Save Your Money & The TP

Are you flushing money down the toilet? If you answered “No” then you may want to think twice if you are a big fan of toilet paper. We have all been guilty of spending too much and using a little too much especially if you like to create a TP glove to wipe. Below are a few ways to reduce the toilet paper cost.

🧻Name Brands: Store brought is just as great as name brand. The kids won’t notice if the paper is luxurious or not. And additionally whether it is ultra soft or standard the same amount will be used.

🧻Wipes: It May feel silly to have wipes in your bathroom especially if no babies are around. However, if you want to be extra neat you may to try wipes. A couple of wipes can sometimes take place of half a roll of toilet paper. But, be sure to throw the wipe away in the trash.

🧻Mega size: you may believe you are saving money by buying double or even mega sized rolls, however studies show you actually will run out sooner. You will subconsciously use more since you “have plenty” it’s all a marketing strategy.

All in all the best way to conserve toilet paper is to take it slow. Don’t yank all the paper at once like a lawn mower and take notice of cost effective methods.

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