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Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Cleaning

If Empire has ever snaked your sewer line due to a clog you were experiencing you may have been placed on a routine maintenance contract. For those who are interested or customers who are not fully aware of the reasoning behind getting a sewer line cleaned regularly Empire is here to explain. Although you may not be experiencing a clog within the time frame of your maintenance appointment; debris, grease, tree roots, etc. begin to form around the interior of your line. After months of flushing items such as toilet paper it can begin to attach to these items causing issues later.

Having the line cleaned regularly prevents build up and potential odors. In addition, the technician can also discover any cracks or openings your sewer line may be experiencing. This is vital since even a small crack as we all know easily becomes many. The result is a sewer line intruded with tree roots or worse a broken sewer line. Catching an issue like this early on prevents your line from experiencing further damage and causing havoc to your home and your pocket.Typically our technicians will notify you if your line should be cleaned yearly, semi annual, or quarterly based on their findings of your line when snaked or hydro jetted. When the time approaches for your next maintenance cleaning Empire will provide a friendly reminder via email or phone and make an appointment that best suits your schedule.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862 today to set up a maintenance contract or schedule your next cleaning. We service 24/7, 365 days a year. Weekends and holidays are no extra charge!!

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