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Self-Inspect Your Plumbing

The DIY (do it yourself) method is not something that is highly recommended when it comes to plumbing. Similar to a car that may be the same brand as yours, but a different make and model, you must still be cautious and do some research before taking a drive. The same goes for your plumbing.

Residential and commercial pipes and appliances vary due to the type of installation and materials, so a specific approach must be taken. In that case again it is not ideal for you to fix any plumbing if you do not have prior knowledge, but it is still vital to understand your individual plumbing and routinely inspect it. Checking for minor leaks on faucets, sinks, toilets etc. can be evidence of clogging, potential bursts/corrosion or later intrusion of insects or rodents. Finding these issues as soon as they begin can save your pocket and pipes.

The next time Empire comes out to service your plumbing, ask questions regarding your pipes and appliances. That way you are better equipped for your personal monthly inspection.

If you find something out of the norm contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862 today!! We service 24/7

365 days and understand your plumbing concerns!!!

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