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Septic Or Sewer System?

Are you on the search for a new home? Are you unsure of the difference between a sewer and septic system? Or, are just interested some in Empire informative reading. Then this post is for you. The questions and answers provided below are essential facts that you should keep in your back pocket, especially if you are in the search of a new home;

1)How does it work?

-Sewer System: facility removes contaminants and discharges water back into local water supplies.

-Septic System: Bacteria is broken down from the solid waste and liquid is released into the drain field

2)What are the benefits? -Sewer System: Are convenient, easy to access and maintain.

-Septic System: If Maintained properly septic system may have fewer cost

3)Where does the waste go? -Sewer System: Sewer line waste gets carried to sewage treatment plant

-Septic System:waste goes into a holding tank

4)Who is responsible for the maintenance? -Sewer System: homeowner is responsible

-Septic System: homeowner is responsible

5)What type of maintenance is needed?

-Sewer System:It’s is recommended to electrically snake the main sewer line to you home annual to prevent backups

-Septic Tank:Depending on the usage, septic tanks need to be pumped out yearly or every few years.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for any questions or service on your main sewer line!! We are available 24/7/365!!

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