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Should I Replace Or Repair My Sewer Line?

When frequent clogs in your sink, tub or shower arise, the main culprit is your sewer line. The problem may just very be that the line is experiencing a severe clog causing backups to the rest of your plumbing, or you may have a damaged sewer line. Now you may be wondering do I then repair or replace the sewer line?

If your residence contains a sewer line made of clay it is recommended to replace the entire line with extra heavy cast iron pipe. This is advised since the clay sewer line is susceptible to further repairs, resulting in multiple costly repairs in the future. In the case that you already have a cast iron pipe a repair is the best option. It is extremely durable and has an life expectancy of 50+ years if installed properly with the best materials. At Empire all of our technicians are highly experienced and complete sewer repairs or replacements on a weekly basis.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today 718-715-4862 for your sewer issues!! From snaking the sewer line to complete replacements we cover it all at your earliest convenience !!

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