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Shower Habits To Avoid

Showering is a vital part in your daily routine and you probably have been doing it on your own since elementary school. However, you may have acquired a few bad habits along the way. Here are a few that can affect your bathroom and body.

1. Extremely hot showers: while hot showers feel great, showers at high temperatures can cause dry and itchy skin. In addition, your bathroom is at a higher risk for developing mold especially if there is improper ventilation.

2. Hair in the drain: as we all know hair from not only your head, but the rest of your body inevitably goes does down the drain. You may think to yourself that it is only a few pieces of hair every now and then. However, hair multiplies quickly and sticks within the walls and causes blockages. Make sure you invest in a drain cover/hair catcher for easy clean up and money savings.

3. Drain Cleaner: in the case that a clog goes forms within your shower drain your immediate thought before snaking may be to pour Draino. However, it is important to know that Draino is not recommended by many plumbers. It contains many harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to your health, but can cause damage/corrosion within your pipe.

4. Wash Cloth/Loofah: in the case that you use a wash cloth or loofah allow it to dry in a place that is free from moisture. Leaving these items in your shower will cause lots of bacteria to grow not only on these items themselves, but also on the walls of your shower.

Keep these helpful tips in mind next time you shower. In the event that a clog does arise Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862. We service 24/7!!

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