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Shower Pressures

Imagine coming home from a long day of work ready to wash the day away and unwind! You step in the shower hoping for a strong stream of warm water. Instead, you get some light rain showers!! Low shower pressure is a very common nuisance many experience and Empire would like to inform you on what the cause may be and how to correct them:

A) Shower head: If your shower head is more than 5+ years old and you are experiencing low water pressure it may be time to do some shopping. When you notice weaker & weaker water pressure the cause may be that the shower head is getting worn down. Replace it and see if the problem is resolved.

B) Aerator Screen: similar to changing an air conditioning filter most shower heads contain an aerator that filters the water. Overtime the screen can build up with the filtered gunk resulting in the water not being able to flow through at full capacity. Cleaning the filter on a regular basis will keep the pressure at tip top shape.

C) Leak: If you find yourself battling low water pressure and a high water bill you may be experiencing a leak.This situation can be frustrating since it is difficult to find where the leak is exactly located. Contact Empire to detect and repair the leak.

D) Peak Times: If you shower at the same time everyday try choosing different times throughout the week and see if any changes occur. If a change is noticed than it may be a you vs. others scenario. Specifically, you may showering during peak times of the day.Therefore battling for water use with the neighborhood or members of your building/home.

As you can see here are a few reasons your shower may experiencing low water pressure. If this is something you are having difficulty with and is creating an annoyance, call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4892. We can resolve the issue no matter how big or small 24/7/365!!

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