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Shower Stress

We all encounter those days when we come home from a long day of work/school and the first thing you want to do is wash the day away. You grab your favorite luxurious shower gel, soap, scrub and bath bomb and enter the world of euphoria! However, this relaxing spa like atmosphere done frequently may be causing more stress than you think. Does your bathroom sinks/shower seem to drain slowly? Or tend to leave behind a film/debris near the drain? This may be an indication of later issues.

Soap Scum: Once the minerals in hard water react with the fatty acids contained in soap, it creates a filmy buildup known as soap scum. Over time soap scum begins to accumulate creating clogged drains and attracted mildew/mold which are extremely dangerous for your health.

Bath bombs, shower gels and shampoos: Thick/sticky hair products and shower gels typically contain honey and oil which can begin to build up within the pipe interior. After sometime this sticky substance begins to build upon itself creating a narrow opening and making it difficult for water to drain properly. Lastly, many bath bombs contain pieces of salt, glitter and confetti which can get caught in the drain and sometimes affect the sensitive components of specialized tubs.

Hair: while in the shower or sink a few hairs may fall down the drain every once in a while and you may think it’s not a lot. However, hair accumulates very quickly when showering, grooming or shaving especially if more than one person share a bathroom. Buying mesh hair stoppers or drain plugs that fit properly are vital. Hair can easily stick to any sticky substances lining the pipe interior creating a clog disaster. We all want gorgeous locks, silky smooth skin and tons of bath bubbles. However, just keep a close eye of those substances and frequently your at home spa days occur.

Don’t let you shower cause you any stress! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today 24/7/365!!

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