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Spring Plumbing Preparation

We have finally hit a full week of sunshine and consistent warm weather. Looks like spring is here to stay!! With that being said, we have endured a pretty harsh winter which may have created some unnoticed damage to your home’s plumbing. Continue reading to learn about plumbing pipes/appliances that may need a checkup.

1) Leaky Pipes: since the temperatures often times dropped to below freezing this winter it may have bursted a pipe or created cracks. Take a stroll around the perimeter of your property and look for and sights of wet, damp or even swampy areas; this can be an indication of a pipe leaking underground. If you do not find any outdoor leaks try and determining any inside one’s. Turn off water to all faucets and take a peak at the reading on your meter. After 1-2 hours pass check the meter again, if any numbers have changed it may be a sign of a leak.

2) Sump pump: since your sump pump doesn’t get much utilization during the winter it’s time to take action, since spring and summer have the highest percentages of rainfall. Dump a few buckets filled with water into the pit and wait for the pump to turn on, drain the water you poured and shut off. If this doesn’t not occur contact your plumber.

Don’t let the warm weather get the best of you and give your home a thorough plumbing check.

If something seems out of the norm give Empire Water Main & Sewer call. We would be happy to assist 24/7/365!!

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