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Spring Plumbing Tips While Staying Home

Happy First Day of Spring everyone!! You may have not gotten the full effect yet since this past winter has given us some drastic temperature fluctuations; and you may be isolated home. However, soon March will come to an end and Spring will kick in. So now is a great time especially if you are home with kids to do a family spring plumbing investigation. Continue reading for some easy steps to ensure your plumbing is spring ready.

1) Pipe Check: Take a few minutes and look at all exposed pipes both inside and out! If you see any looks, discoloration or an overall unhealthy pipe give your plumber a call.

2)Property Inspection: Inspect the property for any sort of leaves, mud, water; pretty much any sort of debris that can ultimately lead to blockages near your drain system.Take a look at your yard, gutters and basement since they have the highest chance of clogging.

3)Faucets/Hose Bibbs: Look at all your outdoor faucets and hose bibbs. Even if there is a slight drip be sure to take immediate action to eliminate further damages and wasted money.

4)Sump pump Sighting: Today is the first spring rainy day with more to come! A faulty sump pump can can be a huge disaster. Be sure to follow our other sump pump post on the proper ways to check the pumps function. Immediately call a plumber if it is not functioning properly. No one wants to wake up to a basement filled with feet of water. Start off your spring season the right way! Do your investigating today and if something does not seem right give us a call right your way!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer at (718)715-4862 or

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