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Stop The Toilet Overflow

The Christmas holiday is creeping up soon making lots of joy, happiness, friends and family. However, as we all know there is always that one person who manages to clog the toilet and overflow it. Empire is here to help eliminate that holiday mess with a few simple steps. The most important thing you want to do in the case your toilet is overflowing is STOP the flow of water into the bowl. You can do this at the toilets main shutoff valve. Usually there is a water line leading from your bathroom wall to the toilet which has a hand crank valve along the line. If you do not come across this it is possible your valve is hidden behind the floor tiles or wall. If so you would need to contact a plumber. The toilet valve is the only way to fully stop the water flow.

Closing it stops the bowl from filling up and gives you access to clear the clog. However, if you cannot shut off the valve your next step would be to remove the lid from the tank. Check the flapper (rubber disc at the bottom of the tank) if it is open, manually close it and it should stop the flow of water. In the case that the flapper is not open find the float ball

(floats on the surface of water and stops the tank from filling). If you physically lift the float ball to the top, the water should stop. If lowering the ball causes more water flow inside the ball you will know to keep the ball places up. This will give you time to access the valve if you were not successful the first time or need to contact an emergency plumber. In the case that you were successful you can now clear the toilet with a plunger/snake.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862 to take care of all your plumbing needs.

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